Our philosophy is "I will not accept anything in your home that I would not accept in my own home"; with that in mind I design around your requirements. Big isn't always better or best, so with an understanding of your requirements, we can work together to bring your ideas to reality, and deliver this to you in a timely manner.

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What We Do

For 35 years Brox Design have been providing a range of services to the building and construction industry here in New Zealand, services that encompass architectural design, building assessments and project management.

As your project manager, no matter the scale of the job, we can be involved as much or as little as you require. Our full service as project manager includes receiving and reviewing tenders, all aspects of contract administration, ensuring compliance with building regulations and that all appropriate certifications are in order. However, we can work with you as required, and will happily just undertake a role in areas that you specify. Likewise, our architectural design service is flexible and we can look after every facet from concept to completion or any part thereof that you require.

During the 1990s there was an epidemic of poorly built homes in NZ, and this was considered to be as a result of the Building Act of 1991, which lowered some of the standards previously enforced, and allowed builders and encouraged local authorities to accept lower standards as normal. Combined with popular building styles of the era, poor design and shoddy craftsmanship – attributed to the breakdown of the apprenticeship system, many homes were built that sooner or later experienced serious problems with regard to water ingress. This ‘leaky home syndrome’ period is thought to have affected as many as 89,000 buildings many of which are now considered to have structural problems caused by dampness and leaks, and has had profound financial and health implications to all concerned.

Monolithic cladding, used widely at the time, is often associated with leaky homes, but is far from solely responsible, as many other factors were also culpable. However, if your property is affected you may consider an assessment to decide whether you should undertake recladding a leaky home or other remedial works.

Brox design offer building assessments to determine, amongst other things, the extent of water damage to a property in order to establish the need for any remedial work to be carried out. Due to the potential compromise to the integrity of the structure, fixing leaky buildings and homes is a high priority. Establishing the weathertightness of a building can involve invasive and non-invasive techniques; visual inspections, deep probes with moisture meters and removal of samples for expert analysis are all utilised.

And should you find yourself in the position where you need to commit to leaky home or building repairs, we offer a full design package that will bring your property up to the required level of today’s building codes with the appropriate sign off from the local authorities.

Furthermore, in addition to our services around fixing leaky homes and weather proofing old homes and buildings we can undertake or organise many other investigations, such as checking for the presence of asbestos, inspecting plumbing and electrical systems and also offer the services of structural engineers and quantity surveyors.

At Brox Design, we have the expertise and experience commensurate with our time in the trade; we can help you with new builds, extensions, renovations of domestic, residential and commercial properties.