We offer services from concept through to completion and anywhere in between to suit your requirements.

Conceptual Plans

We meet with you to discuss your requirements as everybody has differing needs. We discuss how you live in your home and whether it is outdoor living, entertaining and/or a family orientated design you want.

Meetings are held onsite so we can get a feeling for the lay of the land and its features to help you get the best out of the site for example dwelling orientation, solar gain, prevailing weather conditions, site limitations and so on.

Once we have a feeling of your lifestyle we can work with you to bring out your ideas and develop them into conceptual plans that will give you a visual understanding of the proposal and how the spaces will work for you. It may take three to four options or a combination of the options to establish a final outcome that will meet your requirements.



Once the conceptual plans are completed we can make a start on the working drawings, however, there are many other areas for us to consider as we work through the drawing process.

The site may have constraints that require input from other consultants such as:

  • Resource consent from the planning department of the council
  • Geotechnical land issues
  • Cadastral surveyor for the surveying of the site boundaries and recession planes
  • Structural engineering for some components of the structure
  • Quantity surveying for cost estimations

We will discuss these issues at an early stage to keep you informed of these issues and will work to engage these consultants on your behalf.

If resource consents are required we will work with the necessary consultants and prepare the application and submit to council on your behalf.

When the working drawings are completed these will be submitted to council by us for processing, if there are any queries from the council where they require any further information (RFI) to assist in the processing of the consent, we will work with them to ensure all matters are correctly dealt with to ensure the consent is issued in a timely fashion.


Remediation Design

We offer a full design package including engineering for any “certificate of acceptance” (CoA), “weathertightness” and “water ingress / leaky building” repairs (WT), “earthquake prone buildings” (EPB) or any other type of remediation required to bring the building up to or as near as possible to the current building codes along with the local council building authority (BCA) sign off.